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We are an Indonesian company specializing in Medical Rapid Tests. Our range of DIASPOT products are specially produced to give our customers the Best Resource with Excellent Service and make us their Trusted Ally in their business.

Specializing in Medical Diagnostic Tests, we started business in 1998. We have gained market share with our range of DIASPOT rapid tests originated from USA.

Our mission is to provide the best products at the best possible price without sacrificing quality to match today’s demanding competitive market, which is what our name BRESTA stands for : Best Resource Excellent Service Trusted Ally.

In order to fulfill our promises we have kept only the most reliable staffs and led by a capable management team who have been in the business even before the company’s birth. In the rapid tests market we are recognized for our excellent product quality, good pricing structure and unsurpassed guarantee. Our distribution channels are spread in almost all provinces in Indonesia.We guarantee that any defective products will be replaced or refunded.

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