Needle Destroyer Bestman BD-320A Alat Penghancur Jarum Single Suction


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Product Description


Low voltage electric shock can melt the needle instantly
Double superheating protection is provided
Surplus liquid in the syringe can be boiled off instantly and no pollution
There will some electrical spark which is normal during melting


Destroy Needle specifications 18G34G
Power AC 110V10220V10
Melting method melt with low pressure high temperature
Melting efficiency take 20ml syringe body as reference can melt syringe 12mm length 35mm approximately 3 seconds
Working time can destroyer around 240 continuously take 20ml syringe body as reference
Working noise50dB
Electrode chip working voltage AC 65V
Power 130VA
Electrode chip superheating protection temperature 95

Additional information

Weight 2000 g